When Dreams Come True

Recently I stood in the lobby of the Ministry Annex looking through a glass door secured to prevent it from opening. On the other side of the door a trackhoe was digging where our family had lived for almost six years when we first came to Covenant in 1981.

Just on the other side of that glass door were memories of a two-bedroom apartment with a family of five. That was until I came home with Isaac, an Egyptian, who also became part of our family. He had to sleep in a Sunday School room, but otherwise was part of our family. 

The church property was only two acres then, basically it was buildings with an asphalt parking lot. No yard with grass for the children. We put a door through a bedroom so we could go to church without having to go outside. Josh shared with people: "We live in a hooge [his emphasis on HUGE] house. It has a church tacked on to it."

Thoughts...while the trackhoe kept going down, digging through rock to a level that will allow us to walk from the gym in one building to the Cafe in another building…  

Thoughts...by God's grace, in a few months we will have opened doors to new ministries not previously possible. Imagine sitting on the patio sixteen feet in the air, enjoying fellowship, refreshments and watching the sun set. Imagine a greater impact on care ministry, evangelism, discipleship, etc. 

Watching our home being demolished has been emotional for Laila.  When she would walk by the apartment she would thank God for those first days at Covenant and how far he has brought us.  But dreams cost. We have to let the past go. We have to accept that when dreams come true even good things of the past must become treasured memories to make way for opportunities of the future. 

Dreams can cost financially. When Laila and I married we wanted a honeymoon. I borrowed $400 so we could go to Niagara Falls. So glad for the pain of that loan. Treasured memories. Every time I drive into Covenant I pray for the Lord to bless Laila and me to give to the building program far beyond our tithes. 

We are a family. We travel together. We sacrifice together. We build a new dream together. We sacrifice together that we may celebrate together. 

I dream of new families in Covenant because we have made our buildings more family-friendly. I dream of healings, miracles and salvations. I dream of bruised and broken relationships healed because we have space for discipleship. I dream of persons getting their house in order financially, decreasing and eliminating debt, and enjoying generosity in worship to God. 

Abraham journeyed 1,000 miles in search of a God and a new home.

Moses had a burning bush experience and faced Pharaoh with confidence.

Ruth dreamed of a new life in a new land and became a grandmother of Jesus Christ.  Esther dared to risk her life to save her people. Nehemiah prayed and decided the walls of Jerusalem could be rebuilt.  Rahab trusted God and was redeemed from Jericho with her whole family.  David dared to believe God and slew Goliath. 

What is your dream? What will you sacrifice for your dream? Is God part of your dream? Do you wake and sleep thinking about the Kingdom of God?  

Do you dream of seeing Covenant complete this building program and celebrating a new future?

I do. I dream. And I want you to dream with me.

Much love,

Pastor Bare