I Wonder What Jesus Would Do?

Last Friday I walked out of the church office and entered Laila's car. I knew the instant that a strange feeling touched my throat - a battle was brewing. A microscopic varmint took hold of me and by Saturday evening was dictating what I could and could not do. Three days later my energy is returning, though I am left with a residual cough. I wonder if Jesus ever had a cold? I wonder if he every got a splinter while working in Joseph's workshop? Did he ever hit his finger with a hammer? I wonder if he ever fell and scratched his knees? I wonder if other children ever made fun of him? I wonder if he ever had a runny nose? Did Mary ever sit up all night with him when he was cutting teeth and running a fever?

My hunch is "Yes" to all the above. He was God and man.

I am a pastor. One of several pastors on Covenant's staff. We work hard and hold each other accountable. Our hearts are passionate about Jesus and His Church. We love people. We love helping people. We try to do the right thing. We are doing our best to manage construction issues while giving top priority to people.

These thoughtful musings bring me to ask myself what would Jesus do if he were a pastor in our day? How would he preach? What would be his message? Would he be caught up with generational issues and try to custom-fit the gospel to every social grouping? Would he be mod-dressed, wearing the latest style, deeply concerned about brand name clothes and a chic haircut? Would he spend much of his time reading self-help books about how to be relational and hip?

Maybe it is my Monday evening soberness of needing recovery time from the varmint that whacked me. Maybe I am just mellow. Maybe. But I have a hunch that if Jesus were pastor of Covenant Church he would be real, down-to-earth, modest, plainspoken, gentle but firm, visionary to see the Church in context of eternity - not modernity. My hunch is that Jesus would be more concerned about meeting people at their point of need than numbers and dramatic productions. My hunch is that Jesus would want people to come to worship and leave feeling like they have been in the presence of God!

Historically, when civilizations surrender morality, individual indulgence in pleasure becomes the god to be worshipped. Moses was up on the mountain a few days longer than the Israelites thought it should take to hear from God. They made a golden calf, took off clothes and committed lewd sexual acts so horrible that they embarrassed their heathen neighbors.

Our world is celebrating hedonism. The suggestion is that pleasure will bring happiness and peace of soul. The opposite is true. Pleasure invites demons to take up residence in human flesh. The result is broken lives. Broken homes. Broken relationships. Lost souls.

Fact is Jesus IS the pastor of Covenant. We are under-shepherds who must pattern after Jesus if we hope to be successful. Not our dream, but his will. Not our Church, but his. If we do not live in the character of Jesus we have no right to call ourselves pastors.

He sent the Holy Spirit to make sure that we remain focused and empowered. He intended success.

Success requires obedience to the lead pastor, Jesus Christ.

As we, Covenant Church, experience this powerful season of God's favor I pray that we may be like him, abiding in him and faithful to his calling for our lives! Together we journey. The coming months will allow us to advance our abilities to serve in more powerful ways. In unity we walk together in power of the Holy Spirit.

Much love,

Pastor Bare

P.S. Please be prayerful for our building program that it will be speedy, efficient and remain in budget.  And that people will give generously to the cause.