Stepping Into The Future

Boldly folks in the 1970's bought two acres of land on Rio Road for $33,000. It was not an easy decision. The land was part of a farm. Folks in the congregation were divided in opinion. "Too far out of town," more than one thought.

Courage and faith won. They did buy. They did build a 6,000 sf first phase in 1979.

In 2017 we are in process of bringing a portion of the dream together. Preliminary work is done. Fences are up. Time for hard hats on the job. Digging to begin.

We ask ourselves if Nehemiah’s leading the people of Jerusalem to build walls was a spiritual act. We ask and answer "Very spiritual." Read carefully how they committed to pray. How they committed to each do their part. How they worked together. Gave generously!

While we build with mortar and steel we also are building people. We are determined to give our best to our children. Thus, we are envisioning and working toward moving all pastoral offices to the lower level of the Ministry Center and devoting the entire upper level to children's ministry.

July and August the Discipleship MAT has designed opportunities for relationship building during Bible study like nothing we have ever done before! Attendance during SBS time in July and August will facilitate knowing God’s Word and knowing each other better. Dramatic! Innovative! Creative! Delightful! Engaging!

We carry in prayer and with much love special persons of Our Body who are facing incredible challenges. We do not want anyone traveling alone. Those who tend to independency we reach to with open arms to tenderly draw them back into safety of Jesus' care.

In any given day our hearts reach to serve. Today, we talked with a missions donor from Tennessee. Arranged to send funds to a missionary in Benin. Reached out to the Prentiss Family who lost their home last Sunday in a horrible fire. Arranged to buy a flag for Sierra Leone representing new parishioners. Discussed support of an Indian missionary. Counseled a married couple. Prepared for a special youth gathering. Planned for future Bible classes. Worked on upcoming VBS. Our Pastoral Team works strategically and diligently.

Just Monday. Winding up for the week. More to come.

We rejoice for the privilege of being servants of the Most High God. We delight in being helping hands. We celebrate fellowship.

Sundays come and we bring our praise! We lift our voices. We encourage one another. We honor Our God!

This Sunday is Father's Day! Bring friends with you to honor Father God.

Much love--- Pastor Bare

P.S. If you receive this by Wednesday the 14th take note that at 6:30 in the main sanctuary I will be presenting World Events in Biblical Perspective. Youth will be having a Swedish bonfire! Activities for children. Ladies choir practice for Father's Day worship.