All In

Imagine that a coach decides he wants a baseball team. He recruits players by asking them if they like baseball. There are mumbled answers. He promises to treat them to good meals, give them new uniforms, travel on luxury buses and stay in five-star hotels. Finally, he has enough players for a team. In spite of all the good things the coach does for them, the players stay up late, eat junk food, show up late for practice, act disrespectful, complain about everything imaginable, and when it is time to play they have no enthusiasm.

Would you expect such a team to win?

Results of a scientific survey have been released: a negative atmosphere in a workplace decreases productivity, and workers go home with negative attitudes.

Really? Who needed research to know these results? Negativism is disruptive and counter-productive in any circumstance. When persons develop a negative attitude they know no limits. They carry their awful and ugly attitude with them wherever they go.

Now let us look at the difference in attitude. Remember the Hoosiers' story?  The movie was 1986. The story was based on the 1954 Milan High School in Indiana, enrollment 161. In final competition they defeated a team from a much larger school. The Smallest school to ever win such a championship, which came to be known as the Milan Miracle.

Remember Gideon? He was not a warrior. There was nothing bold about him. Just humility to trust God. Finally leading 300 men to battle with pitchers and trumpets.

On the Day of Pentecost they were together in one accord. The power of "one accord" cannot be fully comprehended. ONE! One in heart! One in Spirit!

One in determination to please Our Lord and bring glory to His Church.

There are many stories and movies of coaches building teams of misfits. When I think about it, Covenant Church is unusual. We are a combination of colors, countries and customs. Yet, we know how to bend our knees in prayer. We know how to kneel in worship in the sanctuary and acknowledge the sovereignty of God and His holiness. We know how to confess our dependence upon God and need for one another. We have labored long years in preparation for a season of harvest.

Growing up on a farm, my family experienced all the planning and hard work to prepare for harvest. Of the 365 days in a year about 360 were preparing the harvest. About FIVE days were harvest days - selected based on weather conditions.

During harvest days we had to devote ourselves totally to gathering and storing the grain. The days were long. Other tasks were left undone. Younger children helped with chores in the home, while older children worked as adults in the fields.

Harvest in, we were tired but happy. Tired but with joy that we had reaped! Tired but with the good feeling of having sufficient for winter and enough to be generous to neighbors who were in need.

Last week Laila and I were in Honduras. In private devotions she felt the Spirit of the Lord give her a word for Covenant Church:

I have seen your big heart.

Your heart of compassion, Not only for yourselves and those close to you: Your neighbors Your friends Your community

But also for the world— Those you have not seen Those you will never see this side of heaven.

Because of your big heart,

I will pour out my blessings on you You will see signs & wonders— Miracles of provision from your own hands Healings Deliverances Marriages healed        Families restored.

I, the Lord, declare it. Walk in love. Walk in obedience The time is NOW.

I truly believe "NOW" is a prophetic word from the Lord! Together we will see miracles.

ALL IN! I pray that we will walk together, in unity, in power of the Holy Spirit, allowing the Lord to season us by His grace.

Much love,

Pastor Bare

John 4:35 "...(Jesus) I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."