Up And Away

I am sitting in the Miami Airport. The delay of flights is normal. Time to rest, think, and give praise to God. Yesterday's gathering of the Covenant Family was awesome. Attendance was surprisingly strong, especially considering it was a holiday weekend. Worship was inspiring. Fellowship, as usual, was an encouragement.

I am in wonder of God. He keeps taking us to the edge and then coming through. We do our homework. Yet when it is all in, we need mercy and grace. We remind our Lord Jesus that it is His Church, not ours.

As a young man I taught high school English. One of my students was from a poor home with a violent father. Sitting at my desk and preparing report cards I hesitated to enter the grade of 67 for Johnny. An F would get him a horrible beating.

I asked Johnny to come to my desk, covered grades of other students and showed Johnny his grade. I asked him if he believed the 67 was correct number. With fear in his eyes he nodded "Yes." It seemed I could feel the trembling of his body.

"Johnny," I whispered to him. "I operate a company store and carry some customers on credit. How about I loan you six points... that will bring you to 73."

He nodded his head as if not believing what he was hearing.

"However, Johnny, if I loan you six points I will have to have them back next six weeks, and I will need some interest on my loan. What do you say?"

We made the deal. Johnny agreed. He paid me back with interest and never came close to another F!

I wonder how many times the Lord has looked at our report card and had to loan us points to get to a fresh day. I wonder how many mornings he has sent angels to brush us awake with their wings whispering us to consciousness. I wonder how many times the Lord has mused to our soul: "I would like a little more effort today. Can you act like you are grateful for my mercies? Can you live more to my glory and less to yours?"

We labor not in hopes of being a hero, but being faithful. We labor that Our God may look upon us, strengthen us, and that others may see our steps steady in serving others. We labor in gratitude, not thinking of doing God a favor, but thinking of being favored by God.

The North Lobby finishing touches are beautiful. Shrubbery is gone from the front of the Worship Center. This week the canopy may be removed. We hope to use all entrances again this Sunday.

Remember we need short-term use of three or four more golf-carts. Please pray with us for this need to be met. And share any leads you may have.

We are discussing and exploring moving pastoral offices in the jMinistry Center to the lower level and dedicating the entire upper level to children's ministry. This will need to be vetted by architects and approved by county officials. It will take some time for official planning.

The best news is that God is graciously working in the lives of people. There are miracles happening that cannot be shared until we get to heaven. God has a private book of things He is doing that are quiet. There are healings. Families being restored. Souls finding their way to God out of the murkiness of past wanderings. Disciples are be prepared to lead. Missionaries are traveling.

And there are prayer warriors, powerful prayer warriors. Often I hear of persons up in the night---all hours---seeking God for His people/His Church. More so, they pray during the day.

"Now" is the word that the Holy Spirit keeps whispering, "NOW!" I feel like I have lived my whole life for this moment. It is a God moment. God is on the move. We are ambitious to follow where He leads. We are determined not to get in the way of the good things God has planned.

With great excitement. Pastor Bare