Climbing Up The Mountain

First, ask yourself a few questions: Would WalMart sell as much if it were the size of a Seven Eleven? Do car dealers with big lots sell more cars than a dealer who can only show three cars? Can a Boeing 777 fly further than a Piper Cub? Thirty-seven years ago Covenant folks built a first phase building of 6,000 square feet. Thirty-five years ago good folks added about 8,000 more sf. A few years later another 4,000 sf were added.

The dream kept unfolding. A new building. Remodeling. New balcony in gym. New balcony in sanctuary. New lobby and restrooms upstairs.

The new North entrance is looking so terrific and nearing completion.

Mother's Day was terrific at Covenant. Men formed the choir. Three ladies shared in each morning service. A single lady. A young married lady. A grandmother.

This coming Sunday I will preach in the 8:30 AM service. During second service, Two-Star General Darrell Williams (soon to be a Three-Star General) will speak to the theme of "God and Country". He is a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ. His wife will be with him. This is a very special honor for us. I have met General Williams and heard him speak.

Sunday 5 PM we will meet in the Worship Center main sanctuary for a business meeting. There will be three items. Review of finances and bank loan. Discussion of moving administrative offices to improve ministry to children. Information/discussion regarding traffic flow during construction.

This is a grand moment for Covenant. By God's grace we have the opportunity to immediately begin construction to connect our two buildings and include an elevator. The dream has become possible.

We have witnessed with each construction added growth of our Body. We strongly believe the Lord will greatly favor this bold venture. Construction completed we will:

A. Better serve our own congregation. B. Better serve other churches. C. Better serve our community. D. Better serve state events for our denomination. E. Better serve missionaries.

Our hearts are for ministry. We care about families. We care about lost souls. We care about discipleship. We care about persons broken by addictions. We care!

These are turbulent times. We are ambitious for our Lord to use us as holy vessels to serve His Church. We humble ourselves to be instruments for God's glory. We pray that folks who are struggling will know that Covenant is a place of refuge and peace, where unity in Christ is found at the cross.

We trust the Lord for signs and wonders. Our God is alive. Awesome. Powerful! He reigns.

We dream. God provides the miracle. After all, He initiated the dream! [Psalm 37:4]

Much Love,

Philippians 4:8