Imagine you passed by two acres of property oddly situated between a main highway and a commercial construction site. The land had no certain attraction having been cut off from what had once been a farm. An aging thirty-foot one-bedroom mobile home spoke of past life. Imagine you saw what seemed to be worthless land. But you looked past the drabness and saw a dream. You were a pastor. You talked to your congregation and made a bold move to offer $33,000 for the two acres and the mobile home.

Your dream got off to a slow start, but over two or three years you decided to put a cinderblock building on the property. Nothing fancy. Just paint the block, put in restrooms. You moved a congregation of about 60 persons on Sunday mornings into the block building.

Dr. S.H. Landreth was the dreamer. When he finished the block building and added a 900 sf two-bedroom apartment next to it, he wanted to retire and asked Laila and me to come and serve as pastoral family. That was September 1981.

Over the next few years we added five more acres in parcels as small as 3,000 sf to finally have a total of about seven acres. Construction has now completed about 40,000 sf of buildings, not including the maintenance building. Current plans will take the square footage to over 50,000 square feet.

Now imagine again. Imagine that Covenant Church had never existed, and the land was still two acres with an old mobile home. No Covenant Church would mean: 1. Untold numbers would be struggling through valleys without helping hands. 2. No church would exist in Batangas, Philippines. 3. Thousands of people would still be serving idols. 4. Hundreds of refugees would have come to our community without finding Christian friends. 5. Our daughter would not have met and married our son-in-law. 6. Our son would not have met and married our daughter-in-law. 7. Scores of weddings would never have happened. 8. Many marriages would have failed without godly counsel and discipleship. 9. Hundreds of prisoners would have lacked visitation and Bibles. 10. Untold numbers would have struggled with their faith without having fellowship and instruction. 11.Many persons would not have been in ministry. 12.Many leaders would not have been encouraged to pursue their education and prepare for God's calling. 13. No church built for lepers in Burma. 14.Valley Covenant Church would not exist, and there would be no New Covenant Church in Juba, South Sudan. 15.Many persons would have found a harsher judgment in court without intervention of Covenant Church pastoral team. 16.Certain children would not have been rescued from dire social circumstances. 17.Certain families would have suffered financial disaster without guidance. 18.Certain businesses would not have been formed without wisdom from the Body. 19.Martin Li and Janet Mai might well have been in a Chinese prison or dead...for having shared their faith. 20.Certain babies alive and adopted today would have been aborted. 21.People once homeless would not be saved, employed, married and have their own home. 22.Hundreds of missionaries would not have been equipped with bicycles, cars, boats, Bibles, medical equipment, etc.

Trust me, the list is much longer. If I were to share individual stories it would take volumes.

Ask yourself HOW HAS COVENANT CHURCH AFFECTED YOUR LIFE AND FAMILY? What if our seven acres were still a farm and Covenant Church had never existed?

We have 10,000 stories to tell of God's grace, mercy and provision. I know that buildings are material, yet because of them God has highly honored the gathering of our fellowship and used us as a Body for good for the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus.

I am thankful the farm is gone and Covenant is a school of ministry championing Jesus. We believe the construction in process will greatly increase God given opportunities to serve our community and far...far beyond!

Will you pray about giving to take us to the next level? There are precious people waiting to hear the gospel. Imagine the good that will be done for Jesus with our building complex complete.