Reaping What We Sow

This past Saturday was a phenomenal day. Hundreds of youth from across Virginia came to Covenant Church for a talent competition in multiple categories. People flowed through our buildings. Our own juniors and teenagers sang, presented paintings/drawings, and competed in Bible quizzing and other art forms.

Several of our teenagers rated in categories to advance them to international competition at Lee University in late July! It was a wonderful day of celebrating our youth.

In addition, our buildings served well. We were delighted to be the host site for this major event. Our pastoral staff and volunteers performed excellently preparing for the day. Officials gave high compliments to our staff and workers and the practicality of facilities.

The new addition will provide more space for fellowship and offer a greater accommodation to visitors.

Volunteers served lunch in the gymnasium and raised several hundred dollars to assist our young people in going to camps this summer.

Sunday came. After second service a memorial service for a former Sheriff of the City of Charlottesville was held at Covenant Church. We are often privileged to serve our community by offering our facilities. Many churches do not have the blessing of our excellent location and seating capacity.

Monday came and construction on our new addition continued. The stucco crew worked steadily. The metal people are intent on finishing this week. The ceilings are being installed. Work on the floors will hopefully begin later this week.

Later Monday, Pastor Steele of Valley Covenant emailed me. He shared that last Sunday they received a mission offering for $3,800. The church will not be two years old until July. Pastor Steele shared that Covenant had taught him the blessing of being a mission church.

I know that buildings will not go to heaven. However, when I stop and think about the Kingdom work that has been done because of the congregation that meets in buildings belonging to Covenant Church, I am awed. The prayers, the offerings, the personal care, the babies dedicated, salvations, water baptisms, marriages, fellowship and friendships formed are treasures. The healings. Miracle stories.

Often, I reflect that when the concrete was poured in the sanctuary we got down on our knees and took permanent markers and wrote scriptures on the concrete. Our hearts are for God. We stand on His Word!

We will soon finish the North Entrance. And we will prayerfully launch the building program to join our two buildings together. This will offer: 1. Improved security. 2. More efficient area for children's ministry. 3. Sheltered loading/unloading area. 4. A real visitors center. 5. More classrooms. 6. Additional meeting area for large events. 7. All activities under one roof. 8. Improved esthetics. 9. An outdoor patio area over the portico. 10.Elevator to all floors, including the gym. 11. More lobby space for interaction and fellowship. 12. An expanded information area.

Pray that we soon will be able to write scriptures on the new floor!

Your special gifts to the Capital Fund for construction are a blessing. Please give generously to speed construction. If each of us will do our part as God has blessed us, we will all be blessed by the fruit of our labor. And God will pour out His blessings upon us both individually and corporately. His promises to us are sure!

Much love--- Pastor Bare Philippians 4:8

Good Things to Happen:

May 14 is Mother's Day. At Covenant we recognize it as a day to honor all ladies. Men will form the choir. Three ladies will share in our morning services: Spencer Burke, channel 29 news person; Brandy Bouch, young mother of four; Bettie Christian, an esteemed lady who has been an important part of our teaching and pastoral staff.

Please invite your friends for this incredible Sunday of worship.

May 21 we will have a special guest speaker in our second service. Major General Darrell K. Williams, active duty, is a dedicated Christian and will devote comments to service to God and country.