Proof Is in the Pudding

In 1989, a group of ministers left Moscow one morning about 4 AM. We took to subways and trains until we were far out of the city. KGB were closely observing religious activities. Our intent was to visit an "illegal" church about eighty miles outside Moscow. Yes, what we did was dangerous. We knew that. However, precious believers were waiting for a refreshing word from God from those who lived outside their world.

A house was virtually emptied of furniture. Simple board benches were placed inside the home so close that a person sitting pressed their knees into the back of the person in front of them. We worshipped. It was an incredible experience from which I have cherished the memory for all these years. After worship the benches were removed and tables set up. A meal was served. While Russian food can be a lot like carbohydrates of North Carolina, times were hard. They had done the best they could with rationed foods to prepare a meal for guests.

I piddled at the meal trying to look respectful. My eye was on a dessert. It looked like one of my mother's cakes with white icing half an inch high. They placed a good-sized piece on my plate. My intention was to forget calories and eat every morsel. With anticipation the first bite entered my mouth.

Shock! I had forgotten sugar was rationed in the U.S.S.R. The "icing" was not sweet. It was flower mixed with grease! I will not tell you how I managed the balance of the cake.

It looked like a cake. But it did not taste like a cake.

It is not enough for us to carry a Bible. Say the right things. Look religious.

Resurrection Sunday is past. The real proof of whether we will honor Jesus as a Resurrected Lord will be told by how we live this week and in the weeks to come. He said: "Go Ye.."( Matthew 28:18-20), bearing our cross, doing the things that He did to honor His Father in heaven. Talk comes cheap. Words without action are no proof of a repentant and sanctified life.

My prayer for Covenant Church is that we live, move and have our being in Christ. That together we may effect powerful ministry. That our unity will be known to the community and among the brethren. That our passion for missions will intensify---growing with ever greater generosity.

If we believe that Jesus' Kingdom is the greatest and only lasting Kingdom, proof will be in what we say and do!

Let it be so Lord Jesus!

Much love Pastor Bare Matthew 16:15 Grateful: Thank you for your prayers for the building program and your commitment to the capital fund drive!