Giving Praise

Erica and Adam Dalton came to Covenant about ten years ago. They have grown wonderfully as a family that now enjoys three delightful children. In time Erica became a happy and committed volunteer working with children. As her children grew toward teenage years Erica became more interested in working with juniors and teenagers. Her quick smile, wit, and willingness to help were/are contagious. Erica became part-time staff working ten hours per week. Then 15. Then 30.

I encouraged Erica to continue her education. She was reluctant, saying she would like to, but... finances and maybe it would be too difficult for her with three children.

Lt. Colonel Davina Hunt Bare took an interest in Erica and began encouraging her to apply for a government job. I happily recommended her for a bold future. She obtained the job which requires much training and testing. With the job came a nice pay raise and full benefits, including health insurance. In one week, Erica has demonstrated skills that allow her to avoid having to take numerous classes ("testing out").

Her supervisors are saying that when all training is completed she will have almost the equivalent of a two-year degree and the government will pay for her to finish her four- year degree.

I love seeing people excel! I am so happy for Erica and her family.

While I am rejoicing, allow me to share regarding Kenny Brown. A few weeks ago I preached about crooked feet in paths of sin. The call for prayer was that we should ever pray for the Lord to point our feet toward the Cross.

Kenny was born with his feet pointed in a way that did not allow his soles to touch the ground. He not been able to stand or walk in 57 years. After the sermon, Kenny rolled his wheelchair toward the altar. With tearful eyes, he asked Jesus to point his feet toward the cross.

This past week he sent a note asking to testify. Before my sermon, I held a microphone for Kenny to share his testimony. He told of his struggles. He shared that he has to have help getting in bed at night. He explained that he is not able to even rise from the wheelchair unless someone held him.

Then he opened his heart and with tears testified that in the past few weeks his feet have begun to straighten. That for the first time in his 57 years of life he has been able to get out of his wheelchair, stand, turn and get in bed without an aide helping him!

The story doesn’t end there. Kenny has spent his life hunched over in his wheelchair, not able to relate with people eye to eye. He sat up straight as he gave his testimony! He also testified that he can now lift his hands higher than in 57 years!

He also shared how much it means to attend a church where people treat him like he is a person and welcome him with open arms.

Such is Covenant. We celebrate miracles! Miracles among us! Miracles are happening NOW!

Jesus rose from the grave for our salvation. His Resurrection also validated the stripes that were placed upon his back for our healing (Isaiah 53).

Yes, Easter/Resurrection Sunday is a great time for ladies to wear beautiful dresses and men to wear their finest in recognition of new life. Yet the best is for us to put our feet toward the Lord's House in worship of the Risen King, knowing that his Resurrection is a down-payment on our resurrection.

Let us not only pray for a wonderful service on Good Friday at 6:30 PM, but may we fill the house Friday and Sunday with ecstatic worship of because He Lives!

Much Love, Pastor Bare John 18-20

Easter Weekend Good Friday Service, April 14th, 6:30 PM Community Egg Hunt, April 15th, 10:00 AM (Register Online!) Easter Sunday, April 16th, 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM (No Sunday Bible Study)