A Great Soberness Falls Upon Us

We continue our journey toward Calvary in our series of sermons. Jesus senses that his time to go to the cross is nearing. He knows that on a certain day at a certain hour he will be hanging on a cross. Lazarus dies. Jesus decides to respond to the sisters of Lazarus to come and grieve with them. Last time He was in Judea the Jews tried to kill him. There is hesitation on the part of the Disciples. Thomas says: "Let us go that we may die with him." Jesus calls Lazarus from the dead. It is not altogether a happy event. There were those who tried to kill Lazarus after his resurrection.

We have to ask ourselves if we are committed to die to ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus.

Days pass and Jesus goes to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He prayed to fulfill the will of his Father who sent him. He prayed for his Disciples. He prayed for us.

The arrest and trial of Jesus was a sham. In a sense Jesus was not read his "Miranda" rights. In an honest court the judge would have turned him loose. A trial was held at night, which was a violation of the law. False witnesses were hired to give false testimony. It was ugly. Awful. A rabble of voices protested to encourage Pilate to give a death sentence. Pilate's wife cautioned her husband. Pilate pretended washing his hands left him clean to sentence an honest person to die.

Amazingly, the timing, the details, the place, the people and hundreds of prophecies were fulfilled without flaw.

No movie can portray the horror of Calvary. Whatever can be done to depict the physical horror cannot put the weight of the sins of the whole world upon a movie star.

Christ died. He gave up His life for us.

We must reckon with our own souls. We must struggle to find our way out of the darkness of sin. We with agony go to our own Gethsemane to bare our soul and ask for courage to bear our cross. We kneel. We present ourselves to God. Darkness falls away and light comes to our soul. We leave Calvary with a passion to tell the whole world that Jesus saves. Our song of redemption rings with majestic truth. We have found the Messiah. We know him! He is Our Lord!

Covenant Church is about the cross. Everything we do is centered in Christ. We are a people who desire to mirror God's grace to the world.

May you journey this week with soberness of soul and a song of hope knowing that Calvary paid for your sins. Jesus died that you may live.

Much love--- Pastor Bare Read John 17-19.