Days of Victory

Jesus did not hang on a cross and say "Go build buildings." His Great Commission was to share the Gospel, bring people to salvation, baptize them in water and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). On the Day of Pentecost Peter preached and 3,000 souls were saved. There are other scriptures that speak of individuals and large numbers of people accepting Jesus as Savior. The language changes and there is the talk of churches. The Apostle Paul traveled to strategic Roman cities and planted churches that were pivotal to evangelize entire geographical areas. Paul wrote letters to churches and pastors of churches. The Book of Revelation notes that Jesus sends messages to seven churches.

Hebrews [10:25] reminds us that we are to get together as saints more and more often as we see the turbulence that suggests the anti-christ kingdom is approaching. I choose to believe that Jesus will return before the anti-christ is revealed.

Winning people to Jesus can be done anywhere, e.g., on the job, school, community, mission field, jail, hospital, sports arenas, etc. However, the discipleship process requires a place, resources, and commitment of time. Gathering groups of people in random places for discipleship is difficult and sometimes illegal.

By the end of the First Century [after Jesus], church buildings were becoming common among Christians. Those who did not have a place to meet longed for a common place that could be sanctified and blessed by song, fellowship, water baptism and the taught/preached Word. In time churches became a place for weddings, funerals, family and community events.

Covenant Church buildings have been carefully designed to be practical, low in maintenance and aesthetic - yet without opulence. We have chosen to invest generously in missions in our community and around the world.

Last Sunday we celebrated water baptism. A former Roman Catholic lady was baptized. Two men who now testify to salvation as revolutionary in their lives were baptized. During the morning between worship services, there were eight discipleship classes designed to encourage believers to walk maturely following Jesus.

In our community, many congregations rent facilities in schools, theaters, office buildings and motels. All equipment must be moved in each Sunday AM and moved out as soon as worship is over. We are blessed to have wonderful facilities that not only serve our seven congregations on Sunday, but we also host many community events by other churches and Christian organizations.

Our buildings are designed to serve. We build to win people to Jesus. We build to make disciples. We build that the people of God may gather on Sundays and rejoice together!

God has honored what we have done. We have carefully sought the Lord regarding our present and future building programs. We are confident that what we are building will serve to win and disciple many souls!

Much Love, Pastor Bare

The Book of Acts is the story of the Growth of the Church after the Day of Pentecost.