My dream is a shared dream. It is a dream that includes children, families, and community. It is a dream about hope and healing. It is a dream about preparing adults and children to serve each other and God with excellence! Our dream began long ago when we were only a few. We believed. We prayed. We gave generously. We worked.

God added to us precious people from all over the world from different cultures, countries, and color with a oneness of spirit and heart.

As we grew we came to realize that space for worship, discipleship and fellowship were wonderful and necessary. Over several years and with numerous purchases, trades and swaps we grew our land from two acres to seven. Strategically we built always keeping the reference point of being on commercial office property. Our facilities are practical. We have avoided spending on aesthetics to impress. Service with economy is our heart.

With the gentle hand of the Great Shepherd guiding us, we reached out to the poor, downtrodden, lonely, shut-ins, imprisoned and lost souls of our community. With compassion, we served the homeless, the distraught, the broken and those physically suffering.

We saw miracles, healing of bodies and souls, healing of the mind, healings of families, healing of broken finances and broken promises.

Call her Sarah. She came to town homeless and sleeping in an old car. Things got worse before they got better. She had no car. She came to Covenant. We wrapped our arms of love around her and helped her to get a car, a job and enroll in college. She graduated as a Registered Nurse and was hired in another city for about $44,000 with benefits!

We kept building and dreaming. God graciously added more souls.

We sent out. Children grew up and moved into the marketplace. Others were off to college. We have countless stories of persons who testify that their life was changed in Christ while being a part of the Covenant Family. Many of our Family have become significant in their employment, educational and professional services.

We kept dreaming. What if we could join our two main buildings together at the main campus? What if mothers would not have to cross between buildings with their babies? What if our lobby were larger for fellowship? What if we had an elevator to all floors? What if we had more classrooms? A galley with a large patio for young people? What if the front of our building was more aesthetic?

We dreamed and dreamed. Then one day we succeeded in getting approved architectural plans. We proceeded to construct the North Annex and hope to complete it in April.

The last three building programs we have paid cash. Projects we have done with our own supervision have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now we enter a strategic zone with intent. We have known that we would need to raise $500,000 in capital funds. This coming Sunday we will bring an offering and pledge to the building fund for the next twelve (12) months.

We are choosing not to pay an outside firm to come in and help us raise money. Covenant is a powerful place of ministry to the congregation, the community and to world missions.

Will you prayerfully consider contributing to help us reach this goal? Perhaps you are a former parishioner and have moved away. One former parishioner and his wife are sending $5,000 in gratitude for their time of fellowship ministry as a part of the Covenant Family. Perhaps you receive the Pastor's Heart newsletter and enjoy reading it week after week. Perhaps you are a business person, have just inherited, or have been blessed to sell and profit.

Paul came to Covenant as a missionary from an anti-Pentecostal denomination. He had leukemia and needed a bone-marrow transplant. Laila and I took him into our home. Weeks and months passed. He would sit in the back of the sanctuary out of respect for our care and love. God healed him. God also changed his heart. He went back to the mission field part of our Covenant Family.

We now have two English services on Sundays. Last Sunday our second service was virtually full. We believe God for three services when construction is completed. This is a story about souls!

If you do not attend Covenant Church we hope that you will be a part of this adventure. If you choose to mail in a gift towards this building project, please mail to: Covenant Church Attn: Accounts Payable: Building Project 1025 Rio Road East Charlottesville, VA 22901

You may also give online at www.covenantchurch.net by selecting "Give" at the top right corner, and selecting "Building Fund."

Dream with me....US! Pastor Bare "Let us rise up and build!" (Nehemiah 2:18)