A Story to Tell

Laila and I are in Tennessee. I was in a board meeting for almost 5 hours Monday evening. It is 11:15 PM as I write.

I am not complaining. The room was filled with good people who deeply love God. Our mission is the training of ministers. Graduates from our seminary are leaders around the world. Most of the Church of God colleges and seminaries are led by graduates of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Cleveland TN, of which I have been a board member for 21 years.

Early this AM Laila and I spent 3 hours with missionaries we will be hosting for our mission conference March 3rd-5th. Getting to know them better was such a joy. We shared stories of God's grace, sometimes laughing and sometimes weeping with a tenderness of heart. There are valleys in ministry. There are times when humanity is not enough to get the job done. We stand in awe as the Holy Spirit carries us through to victory.

The missionaries are in America to raise funds for their ministries. One of them is Asian by birth. She drives a taxi cab from the airport to motels to have money for their ministry to operate while she is itinerating.

It is humbling to meet good people who are willing to do whatever it takes to care for their families and provide for ministry. Her country is Muslim. It is against the law in her country to convert Muslims. Yet, they plant churches with newborn Christians. She will be sharing more of her unique inroad and powerful testimony at our mission conference. (Remember to sign up!).

Last Sunday the Holy Spirit hovered over us again. I sincerely believe that the Lord looks down and sees us on our knees in prayer. Jesus did say that our gathering place should be a place of prayer. Nothing is more important than prayer.

Up off our knees we worshiped with tithes and offering. It is a holy time. A blessed time! A time when we the created bring offerings to the Creator.

As we move forward with construction we are committed to finishing the North Annex and hopefully proceed to join our buildings together in the next phase. Will you pray with me that ground may be broken in May?

We will need to raise $500,000 for the next phase. One family this past week gave a special offering of $50,000! Will you prayerfully consider what you can do to help us reach our goal? If we each do our part, what we can, I am convinced we will meet the need. We invest in souls... eternal rewards!

Look around on Sunday. Think about what it would look like if we were meeting in a mall, motel, or rented space. Consider the blessing of our wonderful facilities. Think of the difference that the new balcony has made. Observe the increased attendance. Imagine the new people who will be added to the Kingdom of God with our construction completed.

Moses asked the people to bring offerings to build a house of worship. The people gave so generously that they were asked not to bring more. Nehemiah asked the people to help build the walls of Jerusalem. What had not been done in 100 years was done in 52 days. Nehemiah made a proclamation that those who did not give and help would receive no blessing from God.

It is our church. Our place of worship. Our place for special events in our lives. Our place to send missionaries. Our place to study God's Word. Our place to train our children. Our place to have our hearts discipled to be like Christ.

Let US! See you Sunday, Pastor Bare Nehemiah 2:20 Exodus 36:5-6