Pastor Dana Carrier

We at Covenant Church believe that Children’s Ministry is not a daycare or childcare. Children’s Ministry is a ministry that is a safe and secure place where we believe children of all ages can learn about Jesus in a safe and sound atmosphere. Our newly remodeled nursery and preschool are structured so that the children can learn about Jesus while interacting with toys. Our Kids church which is for Kindergarten to 5th grade is formatted the same way as the adult service. The only difference is it is in kid’s language.

We strive to provide a foundation for our little ones, teaching them that they can make us a difference. Some our outreaches and community events are Back to School Bash, Overnighter, Vacation Bible School, Birthday Party for Jesus, Play- dates, Children’s Choir, Community Fall Festival, and more. Contact Pastor Dana Carrier if you would like more information on Children’s Ministry. 

CARE Ministry


Pastor Bettie Christian

If you are suffering an illness or grieving the loss of a loved one, we have CARE–ing servants desiring to walk with you as you go through difficult moments. With compassion we will share words of comfort, spiritual encouragement, and prayer as you strive to return to the fullest measure of health and wellbeing possible. Our question is always, “how may we help?”

When you know you or a family member is ill and will be undergoing a medical procedure or is suffering the loss of someone dear please make us aware of it by email or phone. We will be there for you.



Tim & Pam Dumas

Connection Points’ mission is to assist in the growth, integration, and retention of the church body through the ministries of Greeting, Ushering, Welcome Center, and the Ambassador Program. 

We are involved in all facets of the Sunday ministries provided by greeters, ushers, Welcome Center workers, and the Ambassador Program which is designed to contact and connect people who are new to Covenant.



Laila Bare

Our mission is to initiate and oversee dynamic Bible-based, Christ-centered classes, programs and events to facilitate parishioner spiritual growth and development.

We offer Sunday Bible Studies, Wednesday PM classes and church services, yearly Bible Reading programs including lessons which parallel the Bible readings, Life Groups, and future development of Outside Enrichment Classes (for community, to bring them to Covenant).


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Church Office

We are passionate about reaching out to the immigrants in our community (so called internationals) by showing God’s love through sharing, caring and serving, to serve and allow the Holy Spirit to bring them to Jesus. We strive to set up programs to help the varied needs of all people groups. We are here to break the barriers of different cultures and religious background and unite people under God and to educate internationals to become good citizens.


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Church Office

Our mission is to provide enrichment opportunities to promote fellowship, mentorship, and spiritual growth as we support our sisters in Christ, and provide a safe haven for new friendships to grow. We do this through connection, support, and ministry to all women.


Davina Bare

A LIFE Group is 3-12 people gathering in a leader’s home as they participate in a unique Bible-based curriculum. The goal is to connect with others, grow to be more like Christ and impact the community with the Gospel as you live the LIFE God has for you.

Most of the groups gather together every week and go through a lesson that is based on the sermon from the previous weekend. The lesson includes a time to get to know each other, Bible study and application, worship and an evangelstic or service focus. Also, as a natural byproduct of all this, the people in the groups experience true community and are a snapshot of what the original Church in Acts looked like. Again, the goal of each group is to encourage and challenge each other to live the LIFE God has for each of us.


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Church Office

 Our Men’s Ministry meets together on the 4th Saturday of the month at 7:30 AM in the O.T. Café. We enjoy a wonderful, hearty breakfast together. There are special speakers every  month, along with a time of Q & A with Pastor Bare. 




Mickey Staton

We are dedicated to the promotion of a strong and vital relationship with our Father God for Covenant Church and all believers.

We encourage a strong and vital prayer relationship with God through intercessory prayer warriors, Sunday morning intercessory prayer, First Friday prayer meetings, Prayer Emphasis Week, prayer retreats, prayer support at various church events.
Weekly prayer requests bulletins, prayer and fasting observances, literature and tracts, altar call support, and observance of special national and worldwide prayer emphasis events.



Laila Bare

Every church offers Bible studies, but where are those studies leading people over time? Covenant’s Sunday Bible Studies follows a discipleship plan that lets you rest assured knowing you have a wise approach to qualified teachers guiding people to greater maturity in Christ. 



Pastor Lyndsey Dunn

Youth Nation Student Ministries is designed to connect young people to Christ. We do this through strategic events, relationships and weekly services to cause students to grow and to create opportunities for students to serve and impact their world!


We exist to REACH new students everyday and help them DEVELOP an authentic relationship with Christ by KNOWING, EXPERIENCING, STUDYING, and SHARING God with their world.



Pastor Javaris Wright

Our mission is to teach, train, and prepare people in all forms of creative arts, with the purpose to create an atmosphere of worship that enables the Spirit of God to move freely among the congregation in order to prepare hearts for the preaching of God’s Word.

This ministry Involves all facets of the choir, band, special music, drama, and other forms of creative arts.

Do you have a natural gift for electronics, sound or video equipment? Or maybe you just have a strong desire to learn, along with a passion to serve the body of Christ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are invited to join us! 

The purpose of the Media Ministry here at Covenant Church is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven, ever-changing world through the use of technology and media, and to equip other ministries of the church to use digital and electronic media as a worship and outreach tool.

There are many opportunities for you to serve in Media ministry. Covenant staff are here to help you learn what you’ll need to know and have fun in the process! If you would like more information about our media ministry or want to volunteer as a team member, let us know